NCSoft is making “several impactful changes to core systems and items” for Blade & Soul on the 10th, implemented alongside a new event. Many dungeons and raids will have their difficulty reduced, with some bosses in hard dungeons also offering telegraphs for their attacks. On the item side of things, the cost of certain legendary accessories will be reduced and new reward selection chests will be added to many dungeons. You can learn all the specific details on everything that’s changing here.

Also arriving on April 10 and running until May 8, is the Legends Reborn Event, which will see three new event dungeons: the Ring of Reckoning, Desolate Mausoleum, and Burning Mausoleum. You can also partake of the Bloomtime Jackpot Event, a freebie in the Hongmoon Store, limited to one per account. Learn more about these events here.

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