Blade & Soul Gets In On The "Classic" Fun With A Teaser For "Blade & Soul Neo Classic"

Details are sparce, but there's already an NA site up, at least!

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief Posted:


Not a lot to go on here yet, but it seems that MMORPG Blade & Soul from NCSoft is getting in on the "classic" trend. However, this isn't just planned to be a past version of the MMO. Instead, we're looking at a visual overhaul along with some new content.

The trailer below shows off the visual upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, something the core MMO upgraded to back in 2021 but we weren't sure a "classic" server would include or not.

There's also a small NA teaser site that advertises "new battles and content" that will add "unique ways to transcend through the game." This seems like maybe a way to give players new ways to level up in a more "classic" environment, but that's just a guess right now. The site also plugs a way to combine farmed items to alter combat...whatever that ends up meaning.

While we have to sit and wait on more details and a potential release date, maybe it's a positive thing to see the NA site already up...hopefully it means we won't have to wait as long as we did for the original MMO to come west after it launched in the east.

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justsomeguy 2 months ago
B&S always looked good, it just ran like crap for a lot of people. Then as it, like Lost Ark, is built around difficult group content, it suffers from massive gate keeping, that resulted in a steady decline in the population. From what I've heard from some still trying to stick with the global versions, it's all but a ghost town, and cheating with hacks, or the like is common place.

If these changes are a shift to allow more solo play, so you don't need to deal with its toxic elitist player base, and can play at my own pace, then I'd be on board with that. Although if it's just an attempted to bring people back with a new coat of paint, and more of the same old, same old that caused people to get fed up, and quit in the first version, then I see no point in even downloading this.

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