NCSoft provided additional info on the Unreal Engine 4 update coming to Blade & Soul, which it hopes will be implemented in Q3 for Western audiences. Today’s update on the new systems included a look at equipment, events, combat UI, and the new Breaker system.

For equipment, Mythical rank dungeons will no longer be needed to upgrade Mythical rank items. Instead, they’ll drop “completed,” but with random stat bonuses that require some work to achieve the “best” version. A new insignia system will further specialize items, and a battle pass/”‘Subscription type’ model” (NCSoft’s words) will offer another option for obtaining growth materials.

Solo events will allow players to “show off who has the highest skills and know-how to earn great rewards,” testing their various skills.

Today’s last two topics each have a video explaining their implementation. The combat UI is being simplified, by consolidating categories such as buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns. The Breaker system gives bosses a bar underneath their health. When that’s filled up by using Breaker skills, the boss is “broken” and players can deal “explosive damage” to the boss. NCSoft called this system the first of many changes it will implement “to make combat even more engaging.”

You can keep up with the UE4 Blade & Soul Revival update progress on its special landing page.

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