Blade & Soul‘s latest big content expansion is now live and ready for players to take on. Secrets of the Stratus is a free expansion that brings massive changes to the game. It completely reworks the game’s skill-trees and adds new Hongmoon levels as well as a practice room. The update also introduces new PvE content, dungeons, and continues the game’s storyline with Act 7.

With the launch of the update, NCSOFT has also added a new level 50 Character Creation Voucher which will grant players a new level 50 character. For a limited time, they’re on sale at $40 instead of $50. A new costume bundle has also been added to the store. The Grand Phoenix bundle runs $60 and includes a costume, headpiece, adornment, pet and weapon skin.

The full rundown on the update is available in the patch notes on the Blade & Soul site.

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  1. lol $60 for a few fluff items. These mmo companies love to ignore/forget that a full AAA game costs the same price they charge for this nonsense.

  2. You could get 50lvl character for 50$ but now you can get for 40$!!!
    All hail B&S the best mmo out there. Was fun at launch but now i see why most zones at the start are empty.


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