The head of development for Round 8 Studio, Jason Park, penned a developer letter today to update fans of Bless Unleashed, which recently wrapped up a closed beta test. Earlier tests focused mostly on stability and performance, but for the July test, Round 8 got a lot of feedback regarding “our combat system, overall pacing, early game difficulty, and progression.”

Park said that many players felt combat was “too slow and it was difficult to complete full combo chains.” As such, in-combat and evade/dodge speed has been increased, combos are easier to execute, and sprinting has been made easier. Early progression has also been streamlined, with reduced crafting requirements and more NPCs for players to interact with. The latter fix was implemented because “multiple players were trying to complete quests or interact with treasure chests at the same time.” And you thought the queues to complete content were just in World of Warcraft Classic!


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