Bungie Deals With YouTube Copyright Issues And Shares Important Resources For Guardians

Mental Health should always be taken seriously, and Bungie does just that.

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Bungie Weekly June 23

It’s already that time again, time for another weekly Bungie roundup. Other than preparing for more Trials of Osiris and the return of Freelance, Bungie also has an update on a series of copyright takedown issues on YouTube. As always there are the usual patch notes as well as some health resources after Season of the Haunted storyline hit a little close to home for many players in more ways than one.

Let’s start things off with Trials of Osiris: Freelance. The first Freelance Trials weekend for the Season of the Haunted is on its way and players will be able to enjoy some single player action in the ultra-competitive PvP mode. Feedback for Trials is constantly being taken into consideration and changes are being made, but for now, enjoy the Trials of Osiris: Freelance.

In a past This Week at Bungie, it was mentioned that a bunch of videos had been taken down after copyright issues on YouTube as someone was impersonating Bungie’s intellectual property protection service. At this point that individual has been identified and legal action will be had moving forward.

Next, on to the always exciting patch notes. Well, not always exciting, but pretty useful nonetheless. The issue surrounding Wings of Sacred Dawn, Peregrine Greaves, and Peacekeepers should now offer the appropriate airborne effectiveness buff. Also, players who hope to complete The Empty Grief Seasonal Challenge will need to complete the encounter with their equipped weapons to complete the Challenge.

At the end of TWAB, Bungie offered some mental health resources after many fans expressed their own personal and sensitive stories after the Season of the Haunted storyline hit close to the heart for many. Mental health is always important and having resources readily available is imperative. While fans are more than welcome to read more on TWAB on their site, we have the resources linked for you right here to make things easier.

Stay safe out their friends. We’ll bring more Bungie news next week, so stay tuned.

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