CCP Games is partnering up with the San Jose office of game developer Sperasoft to help create a shooter in the Eve Online universe. That’s something CCP has attempted on its own multiple times, with Dust 514 and Project Nova, both of which were cancelled in 2016 and 2020, respectively. In Nova’s place came a new shooter and — perhaps wisely — CCP has decided that it needs help bringing this one to market.

CCP London Game Director Allen Edwards said that his company was “delighted to be working with Sperasoft on our unannounced online shooter set in the EVE IP. Together, we’re looking forward to delivering a rock-solid, action-oriented gameplay experience with stunningly beautiful worlds.” The game was confirmed to be free-to-play via job postings discovered in October.

The press release announcing the partnership promised that the details of the new game would be announced “in the not-too-distant future.” Unlike with Project Nova — and Dust 514 if you didn’t own a PlayStation 3 — we’ll hopefully get to play this one.



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