Get ready to celebrate the holidays in your game of choice — particularly if you’re playing Minion Masters, Secret World Legends, or Neverwinter. Or, maybe you’re playing all of them.

In Minion Masters, players will be getting a new update on the 18th, adding all kinds of holiday content, including the Frostival Arenas filled with trees, presents and lights. There’s also a brand new Mayhem — a Frostival-themed game titled Giftpocalypse that drops gifts in areas every 15 seconds, with the interval decreasing by 2 seconds every minute until everything gets crazy with a mass of Minions with spells and buffs inside them. Of course, there’s also a special holiday-themed skin too, a legendary skin for Milloween complete with elf-style costume and candy cane.

In Neverwinter, the Winter Festival is back. The event is already underway and features the Twilight Run sled race, a fishing event in the Sea of Moving Ice, and some really interesting rewards, including a winter snail mount. There are also some vanity pets available in the game shop.

Finally, Krampusnacht has returned to Secret World Legends. This year, a new NPC, the “Shady Salesman” can be found outside Dark Agartha selling access to Challenge Timelines. Completing the timelines will net players plenty of rewards, including a new outfit. Of course, the content from previous years is available as well, including the Krampus gate. The event is already underway. So, just log in and get going.


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