If you’re new to virtual fan choirs and orchestras, they’re incredibly impressive and ambitious projects. If you’re in charge of the project, you’re wrangling hundreds of people via the internet. That means everything from getting fans to sign onto the project, to making sure they have access to the sheet music, and then making sure you get their work submitted so you can then spend days putting them all together and do all the bits of audio adjusting to make sure they not only line up but sound right.

This isn’t a new thing, Doctor Who fans have been doing orchestras and choirs featuring hundreds of individuals since at least 2011. (There’s probably someone that was doing something similar before that and I just don’t know about it.) That said, they definitely seem to be growing in popularity since covid and lockdowns and everything that goes with them. They’re a way to do something around your favorite things with people who also love them and create a little something for others to enjoy at the same time. So, win-win. Production value for these things has improved greatly in the past decade too. So there’s also that.

In this case, the virtual choir in question is the Virtual Video Game Orchestra, which appears to have launched about seven months ago and put out both orchestral and choir videos featuring songs from a variety of games. Their latest offering will be of particular interest to Guild Wars 2 fans. Featuring 144 fans as well as composer Maclaine Diemer, the song is “Aurene, Dragon Full of Light” which was part of the Living World Season 4 update. Players first heard it being hummed during the Festival of the Four Winds in 2018, but the version you’ll see here is the mixed choir version with full lyrics.

Based on the Virtual Video Game Orchestra’s YouTube page, the group seems to have ramped up on production in the past month or two. So you may want to keep an eye on the YouTube page if you want more.

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