The Steampunk inspired MMORPG City of Steam is set to begin yet another round of beta testing in a few hours (7:00 PST), which will hopefully lead to the game’s full open beta later this month. Some of the highlighted additions to the beta include: new Arena and Tesla Defense events, a tweaked user interface, new animations, performance increases, bug fixes, “cancelable” attacks, and the overall streamlining of crafting, skill and talent systems.

There is also mention of being able to jump now, always an important addition to any game. I mean, where would we be without our MMO parkour?

As we previously mentioned, to allow for more focused testing of content the developers plan on releasing only a handful of the overall race and class choices available in the game to start, with the rest being added throughout the beta. In addition to what was already promised, Mechanist Games intends to realise an aggressive release schedule that will see new features and content added to the game on an almost bi-weekly basis. This includes a new hub called The Vault as well as an additional suburb zone.

More details regarding the game’s content release schedule are said to be coming later today. If you’d like to read more regarding the beta updates you can check out the official post here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. First 5 level impressions
    – Smoothness. I already had the game engine in stalled for other games like Begone, etc. So signing in was a matter of just pressing “Play” on the website, and hopping in game. Took just a few seconds to fix the wonky default Camera, and get it up to speed as a mmorpg game. After that the pace, combat, movement, menu selections, etc. All summed up as smooth and standard fare.

    – I like the music.

    -Graphics ok. So far what it lacks in the browser based graphics department, it makes up for the customization. I am liking that I have so many VISUAL pieces of armor and accessories to snap on at lvl 1 – 5 so far…not a HUGE selection, but enough quest rewards to make me think “hmm I wonder what the other item would have looked like”. Variety is good.

    – A few dead ends. I understand it is OB, but there are allot of other OB browser that did not launch until dead ends fixed. Dead links, limited character selection. I did my homework and had my class and race picked out durring CB waiting months for OB. I log in and only 4 races XD, noooo So I am forced to be a standard fare character. I guess weeks later when the others are released I will have to start at level 1 again… I hope it is not a paid race XD

    – I feel the game is not learning from other games. The “Energy” system…noooo. Dragon Nest already tried it. Failed, and now look… it doesn’t exist that game has BILLIONS of players and doing great with new regions and servers opening every day. Before, population was dying. I can site other games that try to limit the game play with P2W features like this. Don’t do it. If you want cash, use boosts and COSMETICS. Leave the game mechanics alone.

    – My biggest complaint is how CHEAP and NOT steam punk this game feels so far. I saw so many rich screens, I saw videos…but my intro experience is so cheap. A few, “less than flash graphics” looking things (like that robot awakening battle)…really??? You are using this Unity Engine and you use THAT as a 2D enhanced cut scene??? I wanted to feel “sucked in”…”involved”…I felt neither. I felt I Was getting standard fare. In game, the steam punk elements are not strong. It FEELS like a fantasy game model packet was used, and to call it “steam punk” they simply used the “demons” attack story line (so they can get away with fantasy monsters) and they copy and pasted steam gauges, and rusty pipes here and there, along with turbine fans… This ALMOST passes for a arcane steam punk setting (as opposed to future steam punk), but it falls under “WoW’s tinker town gnome” kind of setting…if you know what i mean. I am currently playing a 2D mobile phone game (F2P) that, despite it’s inferier engine, etc… it has a more captivating and interactive story. I did not like, at level 1-5 feeling like every other mmorpg experience. I was hopping for rich….ESPECIALLY with INSTANCED PVE!!! YOu have the HUGE ability to create a rich story and world…but no…you just get in. Farm the rats… get it out… get rich…buy into the cheap environment, and follow some FORGETABLE story. FOR THAT, I have to knock this game hugely.

    – Allot of menus sub par and not explain what allot of items do. I have these orbs, the only description: “use to get rewards”…ok, where? how? it could read: “Redeem at X to receive rewards.” – Is this an asian game you had to translate things so you left it bare? Is this just limited resources? Your game engine didnt allow you to plug in more words? IS this just cheap slap it together with glue and push it out the door cuz we need cash???

    Conclusion: 2/5 NEEDS LOVE and WORK. So much promise, so little delivery. I do not acept “oh it is beta” AND PLEASE shut your mouth about “Oh it is BROWSER”. Those are no longer valid excuses. We have the tech, we have OTHER games that use the same and do better (RUnes of Magic even went browser recently). We have games that offer all 3! Browser, net client, or full client… But, all in all, I am still perked to play, but only to see what it has to offer in later levels or “does it get better”. SO far meh. But I will not “rage quit”. It has just the minimum of my interest. However, my cell phone game, my PC offline game, and my other mmorpg are calling me right now.

  2. I just got done playing for an hour in the open beta, and was quite impressed! I was having a lot of lag issues and slow frame rates, but I think it’s because it is the first day after all, and everyone is on at once! Things may calm down in a week or so. I am running a 6 year old iMac, so that may be part of my problem!
    Anyway… Gameplay, animations, and special effects are all well done. As you might be able to tell from the video, the game fuses a few elements from Diablo, WoW and a few other popular games into a new experience.
    Overall I’d say it’s a cut way above most other browser games I have played and on par with many client games I have played. For the sake of comparison, I did join Runescape recently. I agree that in it’s current form, it’s not as much fun to play, nor as graphically polished as CoS. However, I am looking forward to seeing what they do with RS3, again, just for comparison sake. I personally don’t mind supporting Jagex with a small subscription fee.
    I certainly feel that is way better than all the Pay to Win Bullshit we have all seen in other games! However, it is clear to me that you cannot beat FREE and CoS is free! I might buy some of their optional in game currency to help support the game, but beyond that there is no other obligation, and I think that’s great for everyone! Give this game a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

  3. Now i have a mmorpg I can play in my chef office when i have down time. XD. House policy I can’t download any client based games or other software. But this is browser based so I can play it at work in my spare time. It is also way better than most client based mmorpg’s out there!


    • I agree, there alot of browser games that do suck (runescape is the worst game I have played) but City Of Steam isn’t all bad. Why, if you haven’t played it yet, than what are you waiting for. Unlike runescape, it’s actually f2p, you don’t have to sub to the game and their is no 15 day tial bs.

        • I have my own opinion and so do you. If I “think” runescape is the worst I have the right to do so and I’m sure there are others that do and some that do. There are others I can name, cough cough farmville, Oh whats that. lol, Anyways, What would you say would be the worst browser game you have tired. Maybe my opinion can change. I don’t like runescape all that much because it claims itself to be free when its really not.


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