If you’ve already taken advantage of Epic Games Store’s giveaway of A Total War Saga: Troy — or even if you bought the game after its launch day — there’s one more freebie for you to pick up, starting today. From now until Oct. 8, members of Total War Access, which is free itself, can pick up the Amazons DLC for free.

Amazons adds two new factions to the base Troy experience and puts you in command of the legendary women warriors of ancient Greece, led by Hippolyta and Penthesilea. It also adds three new faction mechanics, two new epic mission chains, and more. The retail price for the DLC is $9.99 and you can learn more about it on the EGS site.

To pick up your free copy of the Amazons DLC, head to the Total War Access site and follow the instructions there or from inside the game. (In theory, at least — I’m having errors trying to claim my copy of the DLC, but fortunately, I’ve got two weeks to get things squared away.) There’s also an FAQ if you need additional information.


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