If you thought all had been said and done regarding the life and death of Boss Key Productions and its two titles, LawBreakers and Radical Heights, think again. The boss of Boss Key himself, Cliff Bleszinski, has a book coming out soon, in which he’ll address his failed company in a chapter he considered harder to write than the deaths of family members or his divorce.

Here’s a first draft of the chapter simply titles “Boss Key” that Bleszinski posted to Twitter on Friday:

As Bleszinski states, he prefers that the story of Boss Key’s doom be told in his words rather than others’ — which leads one to think that the full details on what happened with the company will be presented, as Obi-Wan Kenobi might say, from a certain point of view. Will Bleszinski use this unfettered platform for a little self-reflection, to try and grasp what he did wrong in the execution of LawBreakers, whether with regards to the gameplay, art style, or payment model and his lack of understanding of free-to-play? Or will he place all the blame on the media, Nexon, Steamcharts, and “the cunts trying to neg me“?

For that matter, does he even have a publisher for his book? Or is he just typing stuff into a word processing program and printing it out? He’s probably wealthy enough to self-publish (though I’d suggest hiring an editor), but maybe his will be the first(?) autobiography published exclusively through tweets.


  1. I wonder if he’ll explain the irony of presenting the reveal of Fortnite only to have it skyrocket in popularity after he leaves Epic to found Boss Key.

    • Well Epic Games was only at the standing and ability it was prior to making Fortnite BECAUSE of Cliffy B. He was literally at the head of almost every major title the company had. It’s pretty shitty what they tried to do his company as well.


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