An all new character has arrived in Closers to join Team Rattus. Available at level 67, Eunha is the world’s most terrifying debt collector, a seemingly unthreatening girl armed with blades and a lot of power — all backed up with a traumatic past.

Eunha is fast and armed with both a sword and bladed weapons that can be thrown, like knives and stars. Among her abilities is the special move Unsympathetic Street which allows her to move through space at a high speed and slash enemies multiple times. Another special move, Cruel Trade, lets Eunha throw bags full of knives overhead and make it explode, raining the knives down on enemies. In fact, more than one of her abilities rely on the multiple knife thing, including one in which she pours knives into the air, allowing them to land on the ground and become a giant blade.

The full lineup of abilities is highlighted in Eunha’s character update video below. For those interested in her backstory, the story trailer is available below as well.

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