A new Core Blaze gameplay trailer featuring footage from the E3 2012 exclusive demo build can now be seen on our Youtube Channel.

Core Blaze is a new action MMO game powered by the Unreal Engine 3 currently in development by Gamania Digital Entertainment. In Core Blaze, there is no set class system, so the weapon a player wields determines their skillset and role in battle. Slated for official launch in 2013.


  1. Looks like a Free Guild wars 2, which in that sense it’ll be setting high goals. Looking forward to this games future, hopefully no Freemium

  2. Nice ? ) Where ??? )))

    What just i saw was “Boom , boom (seizure ( after so many Lights) , again boom boom (skill tree) ) that all , no movement , controle and ect … So far now i just saw (yeah i know that was gameplay) but its Trailer ,, that all . And btw did you notice that no Open World ? I mean almost in all Core Blaze video we all time see Dungeons . And Plus no Class i hate it .. I really wanna play Healer or Warrior and ect , i dont wanna Choose Weapon …

    Still waiting more RaiderZ


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