A new Core Blaze gameplay trailer featuring footage from the E3 2012 exclusive demo build can now be seen on our Youtube Channel.

Core Blaze is a new action MMO game powered by the Unreal Engine 3 currently in development by Gamania Digital Entertainment. In Core Blaze, there is no set class system, so the weapon a player wields determines their skillset and role in battle. Slated for official launch in 2013.

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  1. Lorinth on June 12, 2012

    Looks like a Free Guild wars 2, which in that sense it’ll be setting high goals. Looking forward to this games future, hopefully no Freemium

  2. AuomAk on June 8, 2012

    This game open world? Or is it like Vindictus?

  3. Kocain on June 8, 2012

    nice game really!!!
    the move and the skill is more beautiful than vindictus
    great graphic
    good game

  4. surice17 on June 7, 2012

    this is going to be one epic ass game and demirian your not the one waiting for so more of RaiderZ

  5. Demirian on June 7, 2012

    Nice ? ) Where ??? )))

    What just i saw was “Boom , boom (seizure ( after so many Lights) , again boom boom (skill tree) ) that all , no movement , controle and ect … So far now i just saw (yeah i know that was gameplay) but its Trailer ,, that all . And btw did you notice that no Open World ? I mean almost in all Core Blaze video we all time see Dungeons . And Plus no Class i hate it .. I really wanna play Healer or Warrior and ect , i dont wanna Choose Weapon …

    Still waiting more RaiderZ

  6. BaDBlo0D on June 7, 2012

    “No release date set” but I thinkit it will be somewhere in August,September…

  7. majorx on June 7, 2012

    the bestttttttt ever guz no one know when it come out? 😀

  8. Raidkiller96 on June 7, 2012

    first? nc i dont care sweet game !!!