Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment’s car-and-carlike-objects battler Crossout has rolled out update 0.10.50, which contains a new story campaign and new PvP map, as well as a special event to commemorate VE Day.

The “Contagion” story campaign will see players explore a vast open world, completing quests while opposed by a “mysterious, mind-twisting machine, capable of turning friends into enemies.” Sounds like the infamous Futurama were-car, amirite? The campaign can be played both solo and in groups and is available to players who have reached at least level three with the starter faction.

The centerpiece of the new PvP map, Sandy Gulf, is a container ship that’s split in half and provides plenty of vantage points for long-range combat, as well as opportunities for close-quarters fighting. Also, from April 30 to May 13 on PC and May 8-22 on consoles, players can partake of Spring Mayhem, battling in a tracked vehicle inspired by the Russian T-34 tank of WWII, to commemorate VE (Victory in Europe) Day. Rewards for that game mode include exclusive vehicle decorations and more.

Learn more about Update 0.10.50 for Crossout on the game’s website.


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