Season 2 of YAGER’s The Cycle has just kicked off, adding a new map that features, among other things, “a town center with bars.” That’s just what a planet full of profit-driven, trigger-happy prospectors need: alcohol.

The new map is titled Crescent Falls, which YAGER calls “significantly more vertical and diverse.” In addition to the aforementioned town center, the map also sports four unique biomes and a giant spaceship. This update also adds ranked versions of all available game modes and a lobby for hanging out with other players between matches.

The season also comes with, unsurprisingly, a new season pass. The free version comes with 50 rewards, while the paid version dishes out over 125 rewards, ranging from new archetypes — the Troublemaker and the Korolev Paladin — to new vehicle types and melee swords. Learn more about the new season and all it offers on The Cycle’s site.

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