The future of Dauntless is so bright, you might have to wear shades … which you can probably get from killing the Rezakiri, the newest behemoth to be unveiled in Phoenix Games’ free-to-play monster-slaying bonanza.

Rezakiri” means “the light that burns” in an ancient tongue, and its attacks echo those words. From “beams of burning light” to “deadly bullets of energy” to “hard light bubbles” that lock slayers in place, the Rezakiri is a formidable foe.

A new behemoth isn’t all that’s coming to Dauntless in October. Slayers will get more combat options to make fighting a more fluid and dynamic affair. They’ll be able to “smoothly go from being sheathed and into an attack or combo so that they don’t get caught flat footed” and each weapon will receive a dodge attack, which is already in place for sword-swinging slayers.

For the future, Phoenix Labs says there will be more rewards for slayers bringing a diverse set of weapons to a hunt. Different weapon types — bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing — will affect behemoths differently, and group composition may impact the kinds of loot received. For more on these changes, check out the dev blog on the Dauntless site.

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