Dauntless Announces 2024 Update That Includes Weapon Swapping, A Controversial Feature As Players Really Want New Behemoths And Weapons

Players think it looks cool, but it's not what they were hoping for.

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What lies in store for Dauntless?

In a post titled "State of Dauntless," Phoenix Labs announced the upcoming "The Shattered Isles” content update, which is set to launch in the summer of 2024. The update focuses on addressing long-standing feedback and enhancing the hunting game for both new and veteran players. The Shattered Isles will introduce a permanent progression system, combat upgrades like weapon swapping during battles, improved Behemoth behavior, core gameplay enhancements, and system-wide upgrades.

This update stems from the need for substantial changes that can have a meaningful impact on the game's systems, says the developers. The Shattered Isles will bring various new content, including new Gauntlet seasons, seasonal challenges, events, bonus weekends, and more, all intended to maintain player engagement while the team focuses on an eventual larger update.

Key areas of the game will be revamped, with a focus on gear, encounters, and the overall player experience. Combat enhancements will allow players to equip multiple weapons, experience more flexible combat options, and see clearer combat systems and effects. The update also promises dynamic islands, new Behemoth behaviors, an improved hunt experience, fine-tuned difficulty, and an array of improvements to the player experience, including bug fixes, balance adjustments, enhanced storytelling, improved tutorial systems, and more.

Unfortunately though, Dauntless fans aren't exactly stoked. Players are divided over the addition of weapon swapping during battles, with uncertainty about its value and whether it was requested. There's a desire for more diverse behemoth encounters and movement, as well as disappointment over the absence of new weapon types and reworks. They seem frustrated with the pace of major updates, and are concerned about player retention, due to underwhelming updates, graphics issues, and unfulfilled promises.

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