The long and winding road for Dauntless has nearly reached its newest destination. On May 21, Phoenix Games will bring its free-to-play monster-slaying title to the Epic Games Store — as well as the less controversial PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — a move that was first announced back in December.

That’s as good a time as any for a party, and so the multi-faceted launch coincides with the release of Hunt Pass Season 5 for the game, titled Hidden Blades, which “transforms the world of Dauntless into a Moon Blossom Festival.” The launch will also bring the Mastery system and campaign rework that were announced last month.

In March, Phoenix Labs’ PR manager said that Dauntless had three million registered accounts, a number he hoped would triple once his title moved to the Epic Games Store. While there will certainly be some active players who resent the move, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that going to the home of Fortnite could provide a massive influx of new players — enough at least to prove that prediction correct, regardless of how long they stick around.


  1. Just cause the game will be on the Epic launcher which is the home of Fortnite. Does not mean the game will do well cause Fortnite is. In my book having ton’s of accounts on a game means nothing at all if they don’t stay to play.


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