Last Wednesday I streamed Warframe on our Livestream show Bomblive, only to realize Warframe was on the cusp of yet another game changing update. An update that brought the power to rip souls from enemies and summon an undead army to fight for you. Why couldn’t I have just waited?!

Update 10: Shadows of the Dead brings new environments, weapons, mods, and UI improvements to the MMO. The most significant additions in Update 10 have to deal with the new Necromancy Warframe Nekros and two new modes.

Nekros possesses a mix of utility spells and unconventional damage abilities. Like previously mentioned, Nekros can use his ability Soul Punch to literally punch the souls out of his enemies. The impact is so forceful that any enemies directly behind the unlucky grunt are damaged by the flying soul. Nekros can also fear surrounding enemies, disintegrate enemy corpses for a chance at more loot, and resurrect those he’s previously killed in battle as his own undead police force for a short period of time. Not a bad party trick.

Survival mode gives players a chance to fight against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Unlike other Survival modes, players will also need to watch their oxygen levels, yes even Warframes must breathe. During the five minute challenge, players will gradually lose oxygen until they suffocate. In order to prevent their untimely demise, players must replaced their depleted O2 by killing enemies.

The Conclaves mark the addition of the first non clan-based PvP mode, with players challenging one another in 1v1 and 2v2 conflicts across the galaxy. Each arena posses a Conclave rating which prevents high level players from entering in low level arenas. This ensures players are matched against those of similar item levels. Watch the tutorial below for more details:

Update 10 is live on the Warframe servers now. You can read the full patch notes by visiting the official site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Getting gears in this game does not take week unlike what some people said. Planets drop specific resource for whatever you are crafting. You pretty much have to be stupid if it takes you a week to craft a weapon.

    • none of the characters require platinum you can gain access to all the warframes through questing. check the wiki for more info on how to acquire all pieces ^_^

  2. well since I’m not a butt kisser I’ll say the truth.. don’t listen to people who say this game is not p2w

    1. This game is boring .. same missions repeat with lack or reason for doing the missions
    2. Colors like Black,Grey,..etc can only be obtained by purchasing them with real money… ( Other games these colors are free and they should be free here)
    3.F2P player progression is limited .. in higher levels if you don’t have fully upgraded weapons or Warframe you will not be able to play..
    4.Digital Extremes favoring “Founders” they will not get banned no matter what they do or say in chat or in game…
    5. Server connections are sluggish causing the game to lag and becomes unplayable.
    6. No endgame content (after beating all planets and warframes are fully upgraded) – lack reason to keep playing

    I Recommend better games for you: World of Tanks , World of Warplanes , Star Trek Online … etc

    The true F2P games … 🙂

    • lol kid if you think this game is pay to win u surely dont know about the twitter alerts PLUS if u have to buy colors that doesnt make the game P2W retards also its really funny how u whine about this game being P2W but you refer world of tanks world of warplanes AND STAR TREK SUPER P2W games seriously kid if u dont like the game just shut off and go away bye bye

    • Funny you..
      1.So does with other mmos kill and kill for no reason.
      2.Yea bruh, like thats gonna affect gameplay. COSMETICS
      3.Meh, you’re a noob.
      5.Server connection sluggish? Warframe uses Peer2Peer.
      6.Yea, it’s in beta…. I wonder

      • The same can be said for anything, genius. It’s not an excuse.

        “Oh you can get it all if you grind for weeks collecting blueprints, derp”.

        So in the end everyone gets screwed–pay outrageous costs for their overpriced cash shop currency or grind your ass off. Spiked dildo anal or plain anal. Either way it’s sodomy.

        • If you don’t like the game you aren’t forced to play it.

          You do have access to every warframes, upgrades and so on trough sheer gameplay and if you know what you are doing you won’t grind as much needlesly.

          If you are lazy to play the game and want to hit the max level sooner or you want to fancy your warframe with decores then it’s the cash shop for you.

          tl dr;

          My point is – if you want and like to play the game then you won’t mind the grind as much and if you don’t then why the hell are you there still? There’s enough alternatives to sink your time in.

        • Although that was sure very brave of you to admit your sodomy experience, you might have pick wrong place to do it. The web contains plenty of special resources for that.

          • You’re ever so clever drawing a line between a simile and apparent experience except there’s no way you can derive such a statement unless you pull it out of your ass. See, now that is clever. Try again, maybe with a bit of forethought this time.

        • Being rude with strangers and pointing on others won`t do you any favor. You will only hurt yourself further that way. Share your insights with professional instead of random ppl from internet. School psychologist or social worker will work fine. That`s the best advice I can give you so far.

  3. I would be hard pressed to call the UI changes ‘improvements’, yes, it’s a little flashier, but maybe a little more confusing. Not to mention they keep trying to use these textures for buttons that just look bad. =\

  4. Wow new enemies and environments? About. Frucking. Time. Seriously..where was this in open beta? For christ’s the time closed beta was over people were already sick of the re-used areas and enemies.

    • it says it on the title screen still in open beta also im on the design council it will officially launch before or around the ps4 release

      • Okay let me clarify this; this should’ve been there the moment closed beta ended. The testers were already complaining about the lack of variety. I ought to know; I tested for CB.

  5. I caught the stream the other day. Downloaded the game pretty soon after. After seeing the trailers i thought it was just another area/lobby shooter but your stream set me straight lol. Having alot of fun in the game, thx.


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