Love is in the air, or maybe that’s just pheromones. Honestly, it always depends on what game you’re playing. In this case, we’re talking about some of gamigo’s games, Trove and Defiance. Trove is having another one of its community contests, this time encouraging players to express their love.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, gamigo is asking Trove players to submit small cards for their loved ones in exchange for a reward — in this case a Heart-a-Phone. To submit the card, players need to head over to the game’s forums. Of course, there are the general rules: one entry per players, include character name, platform, and region, and be sure to submit the card by February 14. Full details are available on the Trove site.

As for Defiance, there’s a couple of things happening here, depending on whether you’re in OG Defiance or Defiance 2050. In Defiance, players will be taking on the Colony Courtship event. Apparently it’s Hellbug breeding season and players are going to have to do something about that. The post says “with love and a little bit of gunpowder”, but we’ll guess gunpowder’s the material of choice here. Participating in the event will earn players rewards, like the Mutagenic Gestation Supply Crate and the Passion Pack.

As far as Defiance 2050 goes, the 99 Problems event is back. That means the 99ers are causing problems around Arkfalls and players will need to complete daily and weekly contracts to take care of it, while earning a Legendary weapon in the process. Details on both events can be found on the Defiance site, with more info on the forums. Links to the forum are available via the announcement post.

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