Destiny 2 Lightfall, Season 18 Leaked Ahead Of Bungie Showcase, Details Major Features Coming And Returning Raid

Practically the whole showcase, if not part of it, was spilled by leakers over the weekend.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall and Season 18 Leak

On Friday, longtime data miner Josh Hunt posted images of internal Bungie backend data from their website on Twitter that reportedly reveals major features coming to Destiny 2: Lightfall. The leaks didn't stop there, though. Hunt tweeted Saturday product page details for the upcoming Season 18's name and the returning raid from the original Destiny just before tomorrow's Bungie 2022 Destiny 2 Showcase.

In Hunt's initial post on Friday, he posted the schema of a Bungie product page for Nebula, which is the internal name for the Lightfall patch. Hunt says there's "no actual real content" to pick at here but lists headers for "Our End," Strand," "Outrun," "Editions," and "Collectors Edition." However, in the case of "Strand," past leaks have seemingly suggested that it refers to Destiny 2's second Darkness subclass.

While the Lightfall side of leaks is vague, Season 18 and the supposed returning raid from the original Destiny were a bit more detailed. From Hunt's following tweet showcasing a product page on Saturday, it revealed Season 18 is called "Season of the Plunder," and the King's Fall raid from Destiny's first expansion, The Taken King, will return.

Alongside the season are two story missions, "Ketchcrash" and "No Quarter," which lines up with another D2 leaker account on Twitter claiming the season was pirate-themed. There are also two new activities: "Expedition" and "Hideouts," corresponding to the pirate-focused content if true.

Not too long after a leaked crossover between Destiny 2 and Fortnite, it seems D2 leaks are spreading like wildfire. All the details on Lightfall are still buttoned-up tight, but Season 18 content and the King's Fall raid may actually be out in the open before the Bungie showcase.

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