PAX East is under way and one of the first panels of the day was focused on Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. During the panel — which was streamed on Twitch — a newcomer to the Nexus was announced. Deckard Cain, one of the most learned senior citizens in the Diablo universe, has joined the battle as a support class focused on healing and crowd control.

Deckard’s an old man with a vast knowledge of magic and his abilities reflect that. His primary abilities include dropping healing potions on the field for his allies. His heroic abilities are the real show-stoppers — one in a pretty literal sense. Deckard can use “Stay awhile and listen” to put his enemies to sleep by telling them a story. If that doesn’t work, he can always smack them in the face with a few tomes using “Lorenado”.

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