Stop, I know what you are thinking. Yes 2012 might as well be the year of the F2P shooter, with a new shooter seemingly headed into beta or release every other week, but this is different, this shooter isn’t scheduled to be out till 2013, a fresh new year, a year that, according to the Mayan calender, we might not even see! Thus making it a special shoo… ok I have run out of ways of making this announcement seem like something new.

Last week Splash Damage teased us with a new trailer for their upcoming shooter Dirty Bomb. Today the studio released some pre-alpha footage that gives us a taste of what we can actually expect from their latest shooter. Early Impressions? It reminds us a bit of Brink but without the Parkour.

The video showcases some traditional PvP escort style gameplay, a mode that Splash Damage is quite comfortable with (Wolfenstein, Quake Wars, Brink). In the video, players are seen working together moving through the narrow streets of London, using various class types to overcome obstacles, revive players and generally provide support as they escort an armored mini-tank of sorts.

The gameplay shares some striking similarities to Splash Damage’ previous title Brink, which was praised for its effortless parkour movement system but criticized for practically everything else. Parkour is notably absent in Dirty Bomb.

Splash Damage has also announced Founders Packs, which grants priority beta access and in-game items.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. FUN FACT: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was the most played FREE game from 2001 on (an era when NO standalone multiplayer games were free), and was only eclipsed by TF2 after it’s F2P conversion.

    So Splash Damage sort-of proved that free games work if they’re great a long, long time ago.

    AFAIK, they never made a single penny off of ET. They probably lost money, if anything.

  2. def wana play this..i prefer team bases pve over pve and hasnt been any good ones that i know of that are f2p…if anyone knows of one let me know

    • Actually, Splash Damage made Enemy Territory about 12 years ago, and this is a return to the ET mechanics. I love BF3, but it lacks SO MUCH that ET had so long ago. Repairing progressing objective vehicles, scripted tank blowouts, classes required for certain objectives. It was…and is…amazing.

      Battlefield might have learned a bit from THESE guys, as I remember hating the old Battlefield’s (1942 + 2043)

  3. God… Why is everyone comparing it to cod, bf, etc. I can tell you what it is: Enemy Territory: Modern Warfare. Quake Wars was good, but buy to play compared to ET, Brink for me was just another TF2, but this looks promising. We need trick jumps (strafe-jumping) and hitsound and medpacks and enemies in disguise.

  4. Lol, My brother was telling me about this game just a couple days ago, and I was like “Hmm, this is like Brink, without the Parkour”. And now I end up seeing it here.

    Shame the style of brink didn’t kick off really… Parkour I believe, is definitely something “Shooters” need to see, as in reality, you wouldn’t get stuck on some silly little table, or other stupid items that prevent you from moving. The Parkour system Brink displayed was amazing. Shame the game just really didn’t kick off as well as they had planned. Though I enjoyed Brink.

    Dirty Bomb looks interesting, though, I’m not willing to spend $400 to become an alpha member, it’s a bit much to “Test” their product. I might spend the $30 though to pre-opt for beta.

    • Try playing Ghost Recon Future Soilder, alot better of a game then anything out there(dont get me wrong still has its glitches). I really didnt care for Brink it was too easy, the parkour took away from the actual game experience, honestly I saw brink as just a TF2 with Parkour…lol

  5. COD, BF & WARFACE(defibrillator) in one game. Interesting. Iwas almost disappointed cuz in first half of vidoe i didns saw aim-mode

  6. A.V.A Escort Mode mixed with CoD maps, Battlefield mechanics & Quake-like models.

    Meh, no thanks, do something new, stop doing cocktails.

  7. i thought this was a new mmobomb show lol. like showcasing some horrible games or something but i get its just another horrible game lmao.

  8. Game feels like an updated version of Brink which is kinda good but I couldn’t help but notice that the assault rifles had no sort of recoil.Hopefully they can make this more like Wolfenstein.

  9. How is this any different from any other shooter? The graphics are all right, the shooting looks bland, the classes look traditional, the escort mode is nice to see, but it’s nothing special. Nothing that makes the game stand out. They should at least add the parkour, otherwise, skipping it would not sound too bad. But then again, it’s still in Alpha, so things will change. Lets hope the changes will be for the better

  10. well this seems interesting i will defenetly try this wherever it comes out but BITCH PLEASE we all know why the game is named dirty(BOMB) its all planned from splash damage to get all mmobombers attention I AM JUST SAYIN that they knew mmobomb would for sure say something about this game then again mmobomb is sayin/informing in general about games but ya u got my point

    • Actually, I didn’t get your point. This website gives information about games, this is a game, they gave us information about it. The name has nothing to do with it. So why do you think like that? Are you paranoid?

    • I agree with Thornius.. In case you haven’t noticed in the trailer. The game itself showed “dirt” like dirt here dirt there dirt everywhere… Dirty Bomb because MAYBE u use a lot of bombs?? oh and..maybe you are JUST PARANOID….


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