Discover The Origin Of Magic In RuneScape With A New Novel Set In The Game’s Universe

The Gift of Guthix is a tale of civil war, the origin of magic, and the defeat of the Fremennik Great Invasion.

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RuneScape Gift Of Guthix

RuneScape fans now have something to add to their summer reading list as Jagex announces the release of the first of three novels set in the MMORPG's universe. The Gift of Guthix by Erin M. Evans offers fans a look at the past. Asgarnia is under threat. Tribes gather under Lord Raddllin’s banner, but the alliance is a delicate one and now something has been discovered in the north that could give them power to change the world.

The story begins with Raddalin’s inauguration and continues through the Zamorakians being removed from Asgarnia. Along the way, it details how magic was discovered and changed the world to the one fans are familiar with now.

The Gift of Guthix is available to purchase from bookstores now. As mentioned, it’s the first of three. Players can expect the second novel, The Fall of Hallowvale by Robbie MacNiven on November 5.

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