Today, Grey Box, Six Foot, and YAGER announced the launch of the Dreadnought open beta on PC. The class-based spaceship action game is available to download via the official site and launches alongside its largest map yet, Ixion.

This new battleground is located 60,000 kilometers away from Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. In order to compete here, players will need to successfully navigate around the orbital ring that dominates the map’s center while avoiding the dangers on the other side. In addition to this new map, variations have also been added for the Rings of Saturn and Red Sands maps.

The beta promises to be fairly full of content for players to explore, boasting over 60 playable ships spread across five classes. Players can choose from these ships to build fleets and engage in both close-quarters and long-range combat.

To hop into closed beta, head to the Dreadnought site and download the game.

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  1. Those games are so unrealistic… Frigate class ships fighting and no fighter classes… just as stupid as the rest of the fighting games, like the tank ones where tanks (World of Tanks, World of Warships.. and the rest of the shit out ther) fight and there is no infantry or air support… what a bunch of stupid piece of shit games… xD

  2. It’s definitely better than Fractured Space. Still, there isn’t really a reason to play this unless you: a) can’t handle World of Warships; b) like Mike “fall asleep while playing WoWS” (aka can’t handle WoWS but won’t admit it to yourself).

  3. Just another one of those games you mindlessly play until you get bored of it or keep playing cause you have nothing else to play. It’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s just meh. Queue up, play, win or lose, reach top tier ships, repeat.


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