Earn Some Cosmetic Loot, Including A Controversial Cloak, In Path Of Exile's Incursion League

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

The Incursion League for Path of Exile starts this Friday, and, as is usual for a new PoE league, you can snag some sweet cash-shop-caliber loot "just" by playing. I put "just" in quotes because, well, some of the rewards will take some serious time and dedication, but hey, if you're not willing to play 12 hours a day, what are you doing in Path of Exile anyway?

Complete 12 challenges to earn the Incursion Bandana, 24 for the Incursion Cloak, and 36 for the Incursion Portal. These three cosmetics can be viewed in the video below. Completing challenges also earn you pieces of an Incursion Totem Pole decoration for your hideout; the video states you'll need to complete 19 to 40 such challenges.

Upon seeing that the announcement video had roughly the same number of likes as dislikes on YouTube, I dove into the comments -- not something I normally do on YouTube because I value my sanity -- and saw that lots of people were taking issue with the cloak. "GOD DAMN that cloak is UGLY..." "Cloak, what were they thinking." "that cloak rofl." Yikes.

Check out our full breakdown and interview of the Incursion League by clicking here. And next time we do an interview, I'll ask about that cloak, and league rewards in general.

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That cloak xD

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