Elder Scrolls Legends Prophecies

The Elder Scrolls: Legends isn’t as much a “Hearthstone clone” as some other digital CCGs — meaning that, yes, you do summon things that attack your opponent’s things and his or her hero, but that’s how virtually every CCG works. It has a few twists that should make for a different enough experience and, of course, it’s got that Elder Scrolls lore and flavor backing it up.

Yesterday’s dev blog described one of those twists, the concept of “prophecies” in TES: Legends, which were touched upon in an earlier post. “Prophecy” is a keyword that appears on certain cards that allow you to play them, for free, when your health drops below certain thresholds. As they’re usually played on the opponent’s turn, and after you’ve taken a chunk of damage, they tend to be defensive in nature, though some instead give you a strong chance to regain the advantage if you survive the turn.

If you wanted to make the comparison, prophecies feel a little like secrets in Hearthstone, though with varying costs and usable by all characters. They also serve as a bit of a “catchup mechanic,” allowing players the ability to come back from seemingly impossible situations. I could think of a few political candidates who would love that right about now.


  1. No clue what is hs byt ggame sux, means hs suck too then, its so boring thats why game is dead from beginning, they wasting cash on reviving this dead game again and again.

  2. unfortunately it is just a HS clone. They only care about making this game as much pay to win as possible. They copy HS in that aspect a LOT. Every new update just makes rewards smaller and smaller.
    Also there is no optional text and voice chat but of course they added that pathetic emote spaming option with no option to permanently mute that.

    So the game is just a HS copy. Pay to win scam, except it looks worse. The text/numbers are so small it makes the game very unpleasant to play.

    • Dumbass, you can mute the voice emotes the same way you can in HS – by right clicking the enemy portrait and selecting mute


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