During this weekend’s Dota 2 tournament, Elon Musk held a demonstration of his OpenAI bot, pitting it against pro player Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin. The bot defeated Ishutin twice in 1v1 matches using “skills” learned over a period of two weeks — skills it would take players an extended amount of training to learn.

OpenAI is the product of a non-profit project designed to deter AI from its inevitable Terminator/Matrix-esque destruction of mankind. Musk has been extremely vocal about what he considers to be the dangers of artificial intelligence — even taking Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg to task over it via Twitter.

The Dota 2 match demonstrates the ability for technology to learn and react to actions in a way that will allow them to do things like defeat a human opponent. The good news is that right now, their skills appear to be limited to things like online games. That said. It might be too late to start worrying around the time they figure out how to self produce. …Just a thought.

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