A new update for Closers hit yesterday, bringing with it a chance for players to decide what the next character in the game should be. Oh, and there’s something called the “Washing Machine Rebellion.” Really.

The two Wolf Dogs vying for the next spot in the game are aerial combat specialist Harpy and battle robot Tina. You’ll earn cookies for various acts in the game, including just logging in, and once you have enough, you can craft a support box for one of the two characters. Each box counts as a vote for your chosen character, as well as containing useful consumables. Voting ends on March 14, with the winning character to be announced the day after and added to the game April 3.

As for those pesky washing machines, it’s up to players to crush their insignificant rebellion, winning crafting materials and consumables as they do so. Also, new character Nata has had his level raised to 70 and you can get sexy underwear — I mean “Cat Costumes” — for female Closers. But hey, the boys get maid costumes, so it’s all good.

Learn all about the new content on the Closers site.

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