I think I liked End of Nations more when it had been indefinitely postponed. Sure the RTS had some beta blues, balance issues, and staff layoffs, but things were looking up! Trion Worlds had taken over production of End of Nations and it looked like it would return at least somewhat resembling how it left.

A new teaser website for End of Nations has shattered those hopes however. Touting itself as “the first MOBA RTS” -a cliche in its own right-, End of Nations is apparently undergoing the MOBA treatment. So what’s special about this one? Honestly so far, not much. While the website doesn’t give too much information it does show off a few “heroes” you can command in battle. The heroes look a bit like they were ripped out of a Hasbro Transformers toy catalog, with most of them being vehicles, save for a robot named Col. Blaze.

The small and remarkably vague description blurb on the site does at least allude to you controlling heroes and units. So at the very least, some elements of an RTS seem to have survived the revamp. It’s a bit baffling why Trion Worlds decided to take Petroglyph’s project and run a completely different direction with it.

While End of Nations certainly suffered from balance issues and a few poor mechanics, the potential for an enjoyable fast-paced large scale RTS was there. While the MOBA market is currently exploding with games trying to hop on the bandwagon, the Free-to-Play RTS niche has been hardly touched. Besides End of Nations, only the upcoming EA Command and Conquer reboot is making an effort towards producing a AAA RTS.

Interested parties can signup for beta access by visiting the teaser site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Lol mobas…soon enough they will become as saturated as FPS games. There’s enough of them already..I’ve seen enough of that crap on a permanent basis.

  2. End of nations going to be MOBA?

    Well another game lost … R.I.P

    Weird how they don’t see how many MOBA games are.. The MOBA genre should die..
    RTS is like the classic games like Age Of Empires and MOBA has nothing to do with RTS…

  3. Everyone is over reacting.

    Just because it is announced as it will have a MOBA gamemode does not mean it will all be MOBA style. They already had a base game set for the RTS gameplay. They will not simply throw that away. It will still be there.

  4. MOBA = Massive Online Battle Arena, you can do a lot of things with a moba without respawning a lot of minions in 3 lanes.

    Like Bloodline Champions, Dota, LoL its a type of moba, boa moba can be a lot of different things.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  5. The game was such a gem back then. I loved every moment of every alpha/beta stage. There are/were no mmo rts-ses out there. The game felt like a true heir to the good old C&C we all loved. And then it all went dark

    And just now i saw that mail talking about some kind of TACTICAL MOBA.

    But there are thousands bloody mobas out there. and they are coming more and more each and every day. LOL,Dota 2,Smite, HON, Battle of immortals, Prime world, DC infinite crisis, Dawngate and the millions other.

    And how many strategy games are there ? Aside the upcoming Generals 2 there are NONE.
    There is no strategy in a moba genre. And personally im fed up with those games.

    RIP End of nations.

    • It’s bad that now the new C&C won’t have any competition. But to think of it… Even back in alpha/beta End of Nations was kind of an RTS MOBA. RTS – check; massive – check; online – check; multiplayer – check; battle arena style combat – check (no base building, session-based combat). So I don’t know. Maybe the fact that they are now calling it a MOBA doesn’t mean that it’s going to be hugely different from what it was before.

  6. The negative feedback on this one is amazing. Everyone is so mad about it. In my opinion this is not gonna be a MOBA. Just cuz they added a few commanders does not make it a MOBA… yet. And i always complained that MOBAs do not have enough RTS elements in them, like Demigod had. And i want even more RTS elements then Demigod in my MOBAs.
    If this is actually a MOBA, yes it sucks that there is gonna be a game less in the already thin F2P RTS market, but for one i am actually very interested to see what they did with the game.

  7. WHAT?
    Seriously?They changed the badass massive scale RTS battles to… another MOBA?
    I’m not interested in this anymore, big oportunity missed.There’re lots of people wanting to play a true Massive Online RTS, and now they’re going to be making a MOBA?A market that is already saturated?Please understand, people that play LoL or DotA 2 or HoN or whatever AREN’T GOING TO CHANGE!!THEY WILL STAY WITH THEIR FAVORITE GAME!!

    We don’t need another MOBA.For God’s sake…

    • I feel sad now…..i mean i already have dota 2 and league i was waiting with open arms for End of Nations to come back but now they changed it from the really awesome RTS it was to……….another bloody MOBA well i guess everyone has to make some money right….

    • this game never was badass. the whole concept was wrong. game was imbalanced and 200-300 ms latency (in rts? wtf?)

  8. Where is the FIREFALL 1st look video & I do not want to hear there is all ready one. They totally revamped the game & it is a compleetly different game than it use to be so do one damn it. The 1st look vid is like a year old. Need to do a new one.

    • Honestly, at this point. I’m uninstalling Defiance, ArcheAge, and Rift out of principle. I don’t want anything to do with a company that takes the easy way out.

      • And for some reason the comment attached itself to this one that has nothing to do with the topic at all… FIX THIS GUYS!

      • I think you are overreacting. I have read your other comment and i understand you do not like MOBA’s, but i do not think this is gonna be a MOBA. How many RTS games have commanders? Having a powerful elite unit does not change a RTS into a MOBA. And EoN did not have base building from the start (i find that quite important in a RTS).
        There is to little info to flame that bad. It might be just a word thrown in there for some increased interest in the game.

        Relax bro.

  9. trolls will troll. there are literally 0 mobas compared to mmo clones. stop crying and pick the one you like , darn babys

    • League of Legends, Dota franchise, SMNC, Smite, plus many others…. last time I checked, 0 = 0 not more than. Add tot hat, no one on here is screaming about clones or about the number of MOBAs. people are pissed that the MMO platoon-based RTS is being turned into a MOBA… Oh I’m sorry, MOBA “RTS.” Still stinks like one….

      Smartarsedness aside, you make it sound like everyone loves MOBAs. If this were the case, the comments would be more positive. The fact of the matter is, MOBAs are not for everyone. As you can probably tell, I don’t li0ek MOBAs. They are not fun to me, in fact, MOBAs are the only genre of game that drove me to break a keyboard in frustration! Rage aside, the point is that I’m not part of that crowd of MOBA players. More power to you guys for playing whatever you enjoy, just don’t push it on others who don’t like the genre, it’s ignorant and pretty much makes the MOBA player base look even worse than they already do(No thanks to League of Legends).

      For those of us who loved this game’s basic concept, this is a slap in the face. Instead of actually TRYING to balance the units and make the mechanics work, they pretty much threw their arms up and said “MAKE IT A MOBA, THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH BALANCE ISSUES AFTER ALL!” and now they’re doing just that… Instead of actually putting in the effort to MAKE something like this work, they stomped all over the project and said “Oh well.”

      I’m absolutely appalled by this. When they shut down the project back then, I’ve caught myself thinking what it’ll be like once they’ve re-evaluated the game, and all hopes of seeing a better End of Nations have been dashed with this bit of news.

      Also, it’s spelled “babies” you use ‘ies’ to make refer to more than one baby. Very basic English.


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