What’s scarier than Epic Games handing out spooky games for free? How about Epic Games suing you?

That’s what’s happening to one (we’d assume ex-) tester who’s accused of leaking information related to Fortnite: Battle Royale‘s Chapter 2 content, which went live at the start of the month. Epic alleges that Ronald Sykes broke his non-disclosure agreement by revealing details of the new content, which he played in September, via Twitter.

The lawsuit states that “Epic has sustained and will continue to sustain damages in an amount to be determined.” As such, Polygon reports, the company is seeking “injunctive relief and maximum damages for Sykes’ breach of contract and ‘misappropriation’ of trade secrets.”

While Epic does seem to sue a lot of people over Fortnite (here, here, and here), I’d actually forgotten that they sued the maker of the “World’s Most Powerful” hack for Paragon back in 2016. Just goes to show that no matter how popular a game is, someone, somewhere, will seek to cheat at it.


  1. Roll eyes* This is the world we live in. Where real federal high crimes go unpunished on a daily basis. And somebody gets in trouble for leaking information about a VIDEO GAME that is not doing any harm or financial hardship.

    Meanwhile with each passing day people are effected by those obstructing law and order. And continue to cause real hardship on the people.

    • Don’t forget that games which were once (10-20 years ago) a source of enjoyment and were created honestly with the main goal to make people happy and give them fun, are now an industry as corrupt as politics and are filled with drama and whatnot.

      The world is only going to get worse from this point on.


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