“For the foreseeable future” is always one of those murky phrases, especially when it pertains to how long a service will be available, meaning basically “as long as we feel like it.” It was used to describe the servers of Evolve Stage 2, Turtle Rock Studios’ attempt at a free-to-play version of its asymmetrical humans-vs.-monsters online game when the game ceased active development last October and 2K took over maintenance of its servers. Now, however, that future has become a lot less foreseeable.

2K Games announced on Friday that servers for Evolve Stage 2 on PC will be shut down on Sept. 3, with the cash shop being disabled on July 2. After the shutdown, the only option for PC and console players will be to play Legacy Evolve, which relies on peer-to-peer matchmaking and lacks some of the features of Stage 2, such as Ranked Hunt, player profile data, and leaderboards. Players will keep all cash shop purchases and DLC that they have unlocked prior to the July 2 deadline.

Learn more about the next evolution of Evolve on the 2K website.



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