Evolving Wilds, the latest closed beta update for Phoenix Labs’ ARPG Dauntless, has hit the servers. The update reworks one of the game’s primary weapons (the axe) as well as both the Shrike and Moonreaver Behemoths. It also improves upon island gameplay — particularly where getting around is involved.

The axe update is designed to improve its mechanics and better reward players for taking the time to really dig in and learn how to use it. One of the changes coming to the axe is the introduction of a new combo finisher that will allow the player to execute a series of attacks that only stop once they’ve run out of stamina. The rework is fairly detailed, but you can read all about it on the Dauntless site.

As for the Behemoth changes, Phoenix Labs has been listening to player feedback and working to make Shrike and Moonreaver feel more like “living, deadly animals… making effective decisions.” The goal is to make them less predictable and more cunning.

The new update is available to check out now. Those interested in all the changes and fixes included can read the patch notes on the game’s site.

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  1. Bought it reviewed it wasnt impressed. No real substance other than some entertaining mechanics that will wear out after 3 days. Tried to talk to the devs about making quests that were not run of the mill mmo shit(since i write gamer dialogue) and just got a were not hiring right now back. Even though i didnt ask to be hired just wanted to help them for free with the horrible boring quests. There art style is nice and with a descent engaging story it could compete but it doesnt seem like they really care.

  2. I was really looking forward to Dauntless when they announced but Phoenix Labs is taking forever to start their open beta. What got me interested in the game was its Monster Hunter-ish style but MHW’s devs already announced their PC version to Fall 2018 and Dauntless is still behind closed beta with no Open Beta date.

    Sure, Dauntless is F2P but most of Dauntless players are also MH fans. If both games “launch” at the same time, I wouldn’t even bother checking Dauntless and would instead be killing giant creatures on MHW to craft my sweet badass looking armor.

  3. I kinda lost interest in this game a long time ago. I signed up for the beta/alpha a long time ago before they let you buy into it but I still haven’t gotten a key yet and $30 bucks is a bit much for an unfinished game I don’t even know if I’m going to like or if it’s going to catch on.


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