Explore the Chimera Lab In Blade & Soul’s Dark Awakening Update, And

The Ebondrake have returned.

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Blade and Soul Update

Blade & Soul’s latest update brings back some old enemies, the Ebondrake. The gang is back to their old tricks, cooking up something dark in the Chimera Lab – which players will be exploring in the new Demonsbane dungeon. The new dungeon is part of the game’s free December update, which also includes a new auto-combat zone – Darkweald – where players can earn big rewards.

The Chimera Lab story takes place after the events of Grim Nexus. Not only has this lab been discovered, but the Ebondrake are using it to regain their power. It’s a dark place filled with horrific things, but that’s why heroes exist. To clean out the place and take home whatever loot they can get their hands on.

If players aren’t interested in fighting the Ebondrake right away, there are always the automatons found in the Darkweald auto-combat zone. This area is also filled with secrets and players can use auto-combat to discover them all – and also take home loot.

The update also includes the game’s winter update. And yes. There is even more loot. Details on all of this as well as the quality of life changes included in the update are available on the Blade & Soul site.

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