Final Fantasy XIV Adds The Dark Throne Update To The Special Site

Tomestone changes have been announced as well.

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Final Fantasy XIV The Dark Throne

As of this week, Final Fantasy XIV’s Moogle Tomestone event is underway – dragging players back into the game in an attempt to get items they’d normally have to do savage content or whatever for and preparing them for the upcoming 6.4 Patch, the Dark Throne. It all means that we’re about a month away from the patch.

Now that that’s all kicked off, the XIV team has updated the Lodestone to include the Patch 6.4 special site. There’s not a lot on it yet. In fact, it’s just a basic list of the content announced during the last Live Letter. That includes the new MSQ, dungeons, trials, Blue Mage content, and more. Do be aware that a lot of that content won’t arrive until the next patch, but more content will be on its way soon enough. Likely around the time of the next Live Letter.

In addition to the inclusion of Patch 6.4 on the Special Site, Square Enix also announced changes to the Tomestones. As we all know, a new raid tier means new Tomestones. When the patch drops The Allagan Tomestones of Comedy will be introduced. At the same time, the weekly cap of 450 will be removed from the Causality Tomestone. Astronomy Tomestones will no longer be obtainable or used to procure items, and Aphorism will simply be removed from the game altogether.

If for some reason you still have Aphorism Tomestones, then you’ll want to trade those in for Astronomy tomes before Patch 6.4 hits. Once 6.4 hits, you can begin trading whatever Astronomy tomes you have for Causality. This probably also means that acquiring the first tier and upgrading the second tier of your Manderville weapons will now simply require Poetics.

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