First Episode Of New Black Desert Audiobook Peels Back The Story Behind Maegu And Woosa's Leap Year Birth

"Born on a leap year when neither the sun nor moon lit the sky."

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Black Desert Twins Background

A newly-released YouTube video in audiobook format from Peal Abyss, chronicles the tale of Black Desert's twin classes, Maegu and Woosa. Players already knew the sisters were born on a leap year after the US Calpheon Ball, but the exact circumstances of their birth got peeled back further in this nearly five-minute clip.

The twin sisters were "born on a leap year when neither the sun nor moon lit the sky." The audiobook describes the phenomenon as a "millennial event on a leap year day," sparked by the fabled Emperor of the Heavens and the King of the Nethers' periodic slumber. Dramatically, the audiobook illustrates the omens that come with their birth, unraveling across multiple documented accounts as the video shifts between static frames of paint-brushed scenery.

The video is the first episode of a four-part audiobook series. With that in mind, players can look forward to more episodes clarifying the origins of Maegu and Woosa. The series may also share insight into the upcoming Land of the Morning Light region in January for Black Desert.

If you'd like to hear the first episode, pop on headphones and listen to the video below:

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