Valentine’s Day is here and, as always, that means special in-game (or in the case of some, out-of-game) events. As should be expected, gamigo has events planned for a few of its games. A little more surprisingly, players of Ring of Elysium are getting a little love as well. And, since it’s officially the big day, Funcom has announced the winners of their Valentine’s Day Card contest.

Let’s start with gamgio. The company has announced events for Fiesta Online, Grand Fantasia, and Last Chaos.

Fans of Fiesta Online will be helping Florenz of Elderine declare his love for Carol. He needs help finding the perfect gift to go with the occasion. Simply log into the game today and accept his quest. Of course, you’ll be rewarded.

For Grand Fantasia players, the developers have created a special gift to be shared with your (in-game) significant other. Use the code “GIFT OF LOVE” to obtain a package perfect for the day.

In Last Chaos, the day is all about sweets. Players can collect chocolates to share with friends — or better yet — save them all and trade them in on prizes for yourself.

Heading over to Ring of Elysium… Players of the battle royale can pick up a few new love-themed accessories in the game — ranging from sweets and teddy bears to a special sports car. The event is available until February 20, so players have a few days to get their hands on all these goodies.

Finally, Funcom announced the winners of their Secret World Legends card contest today. You can see all the winners in the video below.


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