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About the game:
Title: Last Chaos
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: T-Entertainment
Publisher: Aeria Games

Last Chaos is a free online role playing game where thousands of players join simultaneously, battle and upgrade their characters through exciting adventures, hundreds of quests and clever crafting. The land of Iris is the place where the action unfolds, a place where chaos, horror and ambition reign after an epic struggle between the Gods.

It’s time for the mortal races to fight for power and control their destiny in Iris, a territory where alliances run thin and betrayals are frequent, all in the name of ambition. Every action you undertake in Last Chaos has meaning in the story of this world. Fight in fast paced battles, learn crafting skills and accomplish missions to acquire the bravery and strength necessary to become the leader of Last Chaos.

The powerful graphical engine brings the world to life with advanced technology and thousands of polygons. The visual detail and world interactivity blend into a captivating game that is great to watch as much as it is to play.

Explosive Features:

  • Personal Dungeon System
  • Player vs Player vs Environment
  • E.R.A.S. Battle System

Featured Video

System Requirements

Last Chaos Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: Geforce FX, Radeon 9600 128MB

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  1. Hey for everyone that want to give last chaos another chance, here is a recent review. The game mechanics/graphics are pretty much the same but a lot of stuff has been added. The max lvl cap is 180 and you can become it a lot easier then in the past. I just came back after 8 years and love playing it daily again. The only missing piece is the populairity, more players are needed to make this game even more fun and get a nice player base again. I would love to see as many people as in 2009 again.

  2. Played the game years ago. Was the number 1 Titan for a long time but it took a lot of grinding and a lot of money to get there. Wasn’t any quests after lvl 80 when the lvl cap was at 120. Haven’t played it much since the lvl cap was at 140 got burnt out pretty bad when i spend 24 hours strait on it to get a few lvls to use the newest weapon that i had for the castle siege that was happening the following day.

    But it was one of my first MMO’s and i meet a lot of people on there that i still play other games with today.

  3. Played this game like 7 tears ago when it was one of the aeria first games.
    Was my first mmo so i kinda did not know what to expect, 30 euros to get 1 lvl up on 110 to-111 lvl, aand max lvl was something 160++, Also you had to grind like 24h to get that 1 lvl it was sooo Booring sometimes. I did read after that they added some dungeons and some bonus xp and questss, Maybe things changed then, Anyway i did enjoy this game though thats probalby since i had no experience about mmorpg’s.

  4. Yeah, I played this back in 2004. Then again in 2009. Never played a more grind-festy game in my life! You would get about 3 quests per level, then you had to go out and farm your ass off to get leveled up again. I don’t know, maybe things changed? I doubt it though. The Dev’s gave up on it and started working on LC2; which apparently Aeria started using. Not much better there either. I would say that if you are new to MMO’s, this game might suffice, but if you know MMO’s, you will get really bored really quick.

  5. Aeria no longer publishes it, so you will have to look elsewhere for, it was a marginally good game, only problems were lag, no choice in gender choice, classes were assigned to each gender, feeding and healing pets was laborious.

  6. Lately aeria permanent ban so much accounts without reason, so this game slowly die. Otherwise good game, not worth spend too much time to build a good character.

  7. this is a good game but player base is dropping fast on the server i play players are getting greedy trying to sale there items for alot of gold that most players cant afford so anyone new coming into the game doesnt have a chance unless they spend alot of real money

  8. i do have to disagree with serisFoxglove because age of Conan is based of of multiple movies and books that have been out for years, so it is a tad bit hard to say that age of Conan is a rip off of this game when Conan the barbarian has been around since 1932 i believe.


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