Gameforge Announces Aion Classic For Europe, But Some Aren't Happy They Are Starting With 2.0

It’s coming in early 2023.

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Aion Classic Europe

Soon, European players will also have access to Aion Classic – one that doesn’t require a VPN. Gameforge announced recently that they’ll finally be launching Classic with the help of NCSoft. This new, permanent server will offer players a fresh chance, beginning with the 2.0 update. As with the original game at that time, players will be able to participate in PvE content up until level 55 and explore the world for free.

Of course, “free” doesn’t mean you won’t benefit if you decide to drop some money on Siel’s Energy, the Daeva pass, or both. Doing so will allow players to play with fewer restrictions.

Because they knew there would be questions, Gameforge will be providing a FAQ for players to peruse. Until then, if Twitter is any indication, it seems they’ll be fielding questions from more annoyed players who are wondering things like why they chose to kick things off in 2.0 – after, as the tweeters feel, the game was already ruined. Not everyone feels that way, of course, but it seems the most outspoken do.

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