MMORTS Kingdom Under Fire 2 is coming to PCs in North America and Europe, thanks to a deal struck between Korean developer Blueside and European publisher Gameforge.

KUF2 is a follow-up to Blueside’s 2004 release Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders and takes place 50 years after the original. It’s set in a world with three factions vying for control, offering players the choice of several hero classes and the option to build up individual characters or entire armies.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 was launched in open beta form in Korea in 2014, six years after its announcement. (We even offered beta keys for it!) In 2017 the game was shut down in Korea, while also launching a beta in Russia. That, too, was shut down in March of this year.

Gameforge wouldn’t confirm the game’s payment model, though it was free-to-play in Korea. It’s an iffy proposition, launching a game in the West after it’s struggled through a long development and failed to gain a foothold in other regions, but it’s been done before. The results of such an approach, however, have been less than stellar.


  1. Why does this sounds super familiar? Korean game, got shut down several time over other market. Now some publisher bring it to the West. Does that happen to remind anyone of anything?

  2. This won’t go well. It’s supposedly completely abandoned by developers who have supposedly moved on to some other project. At least that’s what we were told when it was shut down in Russia.


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