Genshin Impact’s Anniversary Celebrations Are Under Way

Celebratory activities are taking place in and out of game.

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Genshin Impact Anniversary Event

Genshin Impact officially turned one yesterday and the celebration is in full swing with the anniversary story event “Moonlight Merriment”, the “An Unforgettable Journey” web event – tailored to each player, and the obligatory log-in event “Passage of Clouds and Stars”. The first event honors a long-time Liyue tradition, the Moonchase Festival, with a food-focused theme and a mission to uncover the origins of the myth of the Stove God. There are two main parts to take part in – the main storyline “Chef Supremacy”, and “Cuisine Machine Test Run”, in which players help the Adeptus Cloud Retainer test her cooking machine. Both will unlock more content over time.

The event also includes the “Moonlight Seeker” activity in which the Traveler is sent on treasure hunts in search of Mystmoon Chests and Moonchase Charms. Collecting these items will earn players not only special rewards (like the fish-shaped claymore) but also Festive Fever needed to unlock the next part of the main event’s story. To gain even more Festive Fever, players will also need to take part in the Trail of Delicacies. This is the beating up on enemies portion of the event. Other rewards include the Crown of Insight, leveling material, primogems, and Emperor’s Balsam.

Speaking of leveling materials, the login event lasts seven days and provides players with Mora, Mystic Enhancements, Hero’s Wit, and ten Intertwined Fate. The Intertwined Fate will be handed out over various days – one on the first, two on the third, two on the fifth, and five on the seventh. So be sure to keep checking back.

As for the web event, as I said, it’s kind of tailored. It’s basically like that thing Spotify does at the end of the year where it gives all the stats on your listening habits through the year – only this focuses on things like how many slimes you’ve killed, your reputation in the various cities, how many chests you’ve unlocked, pigeons killed, and the like. It also offers an opportunity to earn rewards by sharing links with each other.

And if you’re wondering, the Genshin Concert is still scheduled to take place on October 3. Details on the concert can be found on the game’s site. You can also watch a behind-the-scenes video from HOYO-MiX below.

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keesasha 2 years ago
Thing is, the Moonlight Seeker festival doesn't really feel like an anniversary event, it's like releasing your game near Halloween and then having a Halloween event, everyone has those, this is like an autumn-fest. I like it, but it's time-gated....and the game still has lots of issues when it comes to doing anything non-story related...

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