The Genshin Impact dev team has been taking note of player suggestions and changes are on their way. Today, in the latest Developers Discussion on the Genshin Impact site, the team announced several changes based on community feedback that would be coming in Version 1.1, scheduled to release on November 11th. These including addressing the amount of Original Resin required to complete tasks, adding a key bindings and controller setup function, and tweaking the teleport system.

One of the biggest complaints about the game is the limitations related to Original Resin. For most players the amount of Resin needed to complete the Battle Pass Weekly Missions was just too high, particularly when paired with the regen rate. Once Version 1.1 launches the required amount for weekly missions will drop from 1,600 to 1,200 and the amount of resin players are allowed to store will increase from 120 to 160.

For those of you who want to tweak your keyboard bindings, there is good news. Although, you may want to temper your excitement a bit. According to the post, a key binding and controller setup function is being developed. However, only part of it will go live in Version 1.1 The rest of the system will arrive later.

As for teleporting, a new item has been developed that will allow players to set waypoints to areas they visit frequently. It will be provided to players for free.

Other things that have been addressed involve how players are able to view their items, either sorting through artifacts or being able to easily determine which artifacts or weapons are attached to which character without having to dig deep into the menu.

There’s also a small bit of Q&A — I say small because it’s one question with a long answer — that delves into how damage is calculated. If you’d like to read through the number crunching on that, it can be found on the Genshin Impact site.

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  1. The seedy and dangerous thing about this game isn’t its extreme pay to win shop either. You can accept that or not, the dangerous thing is that people don’t realize they are playing a single player with infinite levels. Sociability is the best part of an online game, here it is limited to when in a 5 dungeon you show others how big your wallet is. 99% of the time it’s you and your wallet under the illusion that the grind is good for something. What a shame, a gatcha for cell phones has more dignity than genshin impact.

  2. Those changes to resin are pointless. If you log in everyday and have been using all the resin, that change is worthless because you still regen the same amount each day. All they did is show that they are listening to player feedback and then not do a change that fixes the whole resin problem and instead just trick players to think that they did something good.

    • They didn’t mention that in the post, so I’m not sure. It might be something we see in a later update like the rest of the keybinding stuff.

    • If you mean the fake leaks about the item for getting guaranteed 4-star character on 10 pulls and 5-star at 50, those are not happening. I do hope they give better means to acquire additional copies of 4-star characters, at least.


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