Ever got caught playing video games on your laptop during class? Well, there’s one class where that not only won’t get you in trouble — it’s the point of the class!

Chongqing Energy College in southwestern China is now offering a class titled “Recent Development of Electronic Sports and Analysis of DotA,” in which students learn about strategy and critical thinking by playing the MOBA. That’s DotA the first, by the way, not Dota 2 — and yes, the first has a capital A while the second doesn’t. In this class, proper spelling counts!

“Electronic sport courses cultivate their own ways of thinking, a sense of determination and coordination that remains indispensable long after their enter the working world,” said lecturer Zeng Qingqing, who we’re betting is just an avid DotA player and using his university connections to offer a class on his favorite game. Sneaky.

Would you take a DotA (or Dota 2) class? Or is there another game you think would make an excellent subject for study?

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Thats pretty great that they dont put some “copy” of Dota to teach the people how to learn sto use strategy in their advantage but they using as said above “the source” aka Dota and tbh Dota is the only reason games like LoL HoN Dota 2(and a lot more) even exist.For example a dota player can easily adapt to LoL but a LoL player cant adapt easily at all to dota because dota is a lot more difficult to play even if u are a 5 year moba player i still doubt u can learn dota that easily.Anyways overall i would like to be in that class personally and get back to dota and play my favourites like lancer or lion and what not.

  2. Lol @ the kids saying Dota 2 isn’t a good game. There’s a reason that it took virtually no time at all for Dota 2 to be the most played game on Steam. Even while it was still in closed beta test, it had the highest number of concurrent players out of any game on Steam. And that’s just Dota 2 – let’s not even get into how ridiculously enormous LoL’s player base is. Saying Dota 2 or the MOBA genre in general sucks is like saying Michael Jordan is bad at basketball. There’s no denying that they are good games – bad games never have tournaments with $10 million prize pools, with millions more viewers watching from several countries around the globe.

  3. Thought for sure it would something remotely useful like “How to make a shitty DOTA-clone 101”, not a class about mastering the game. They let anyone become a professor in China, don’t they?

    I could just imagine what nuggets they teach in there that would be of benefit after graduation.
    Lesson 1: Insult Less Skilled Teammates Until They Get Banned For Leaving
    Lesson 2: Pooping In A Sock So You Don’t Go AFK

      • Change the channel…
        -Breaking news! Here, live with the aftermath of an offended fanboy attempting to be ironic. Nearby innocent bystanders were spared from serious injury when a tumor spontaneously formed in his head, instantly crushing the brain and stopping him before he could cause any real damage. A stroke of luck that is estimated to have potentially saved millions of lives.


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