Ghost In The Shell Online To Shutter Japanese Servers


Ghost In the Shell: First Assault will no longer be supporting servers in Japan after November 29. Nexon announced the closure giving no specific reason for it — although you’re welcome to make some guesses.

The decision to close the server might come as a bit of a surprise to some, considering that Ghost in the Shell is a long-loved Japanese IP. But, as we all know, sometimes series popularity isn’t enough.

For Western players, the game is still chugging along. So GitS fans can at least take comfort in that.


  1. Affirmative they just tighten the knot around their neck and majority of the player base hated the renewal update. So game over for First assault

  2. Sad how this won’t be available in japan. This game seems like it should be available in japan at least. But After what Nexon been doing to First assault ghost in the shell online I’ve lost interest to it. Not because they closed the japanese servers. But Nexon just ruined the game in general.

    • Most publishers ruin their games nowadays. There aren’t many F2P games that stay “good” and often lose most of their population. Seen this kind of thing happen all too often.

  3. Eastern Europe and Russia still can’t play this in any legal way. We’re never “Western” enough for Nexon. ;( Maybe that shouldn’t make me sad judging by the reception this game is getting, but it still does…

    • That’s weird, I’m from Eastern Europe, and I can play it on both Steam and Nexon Launcher, at least I used to play it for 1 year and a half before I quit because it sucks.

      What part of Eastern Europe can’t play it?


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