Guild Wars 2 launched on this date in 2012, and ArenaNet is taking the opportunity to thank players for six years of support with a few free items and — as usual for this type of celebration — an infographic with lots of numbers.

If you’ve purchased the core game or either expansion, you can log in to receive a free Customer Appreciation Package, which consists of a Black Lion Chest and Key, because yay, loot boxes! New loot in the chests consists of the Emblazoned Dragon Throne and Dragon Emblem Balloon, which arrive alongside the new novelties section of the wardrobe, which will make it easier to play around with your goofiest toys. There are plenty of other sales in the Gem Store going on this week, which you can read about at the link at the top of this paragraph.

In general celebratory news, ArenaNet’s got a big infographic for you to look at, with eye-opening stats like the 1,323 years players have spent riding raptors and griffons and 45,000 lines of dialogue for the Living Story, from 69 voice actors. Speaking of Living Story, ArenaNet is extremely proud of the Living Story, as can be inferred from the video below. My favorite line is when they say that the stories are “richer and deeper because of the fact that they go on,” because length is clearly the determining factor in how good a story is.

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