It’s never good when an MMORPG erases your progress. But that’s what’s going to happen to some Guild Wars 2 players today, as ArenaNet rolls back Guild Wars 2 servers after encountering a bug it couldn’t fix via conventional means.

As ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien explained on the GW2 forums, the bug that came with today’s update caused items soulbound to one character to be soulbound to another if they were moved. Servers were shut down for several hours, to prevent further players from experiencing this error. No clean solution was forthcoming, and the bug even affected characters who hadn’t moved items, so O’Brien made another announcement that said the game’s state would be rolled back to a pre-update build.

The rollback “will take hours” and probably not be completed until sometime this evening. If you didn’t play this morning, you probably won’t notice a difference; if you did, you’ll find that everything was as it was before the update, except if you purchased the game or bought gems, in which case your transaction will have proceeded normally.

Rollbacks suck, but at least it happened during traditionally light traffic hours, and it affected only a short period of time. Still, at least some people must have gotten some swell loot in the meantime, and they’ll be the ones most put out by this incident.