Guild Wars 2 June Development Update To Make Raid More Approachable And Rework Rewards A Tad

A lot is headed your way starting on June 28

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Unlike most Guild Wars 2 updates prior, this one is large with a lot of juicy information for players to sit back and enjoy. To start, on June 28, there will be more changes regarding the rewards for completing both normal and challenge mode Strike Missions. The amount of gold that can be earned from completing a strike each week will be doubled. Weekly challenge mode completions will also award 1 Antique Summoning Stone per Strike Mission. Additionally, players can look forward to the Harvest Temple challenge mode on June 28.

For players who often lose their cursor during raids, meta-events, and world bosses, a new option has been added to allow players to choose from three contrast modes: Off, Low, and High, to better allow players to find their cursor when they feel like it has just about disappeared from their monitor. Another great addition is that after June 28, players will no longer need to repair their armor after being defeated—the mechanic is gone.

In an attempt to make raids more approachable, the Emboldened system has been introduced: an optional mode that progressively ramps up a player’s damage, health, and healing output each time they fail an encounter. Deadly encounter mechanics will still be deadly—and players will still need to respect them—but this system will hopefully give new raiders a chance to ease into learning them. Another great addition will be an added feature for the LFG categories. Now players can choose from LFG (Training) and LFG (Experienced).

In this update players will have more access to Key Boons, as having high uptime on critical boons has always been one of the strongest indicators of success when playing in group content. Additionally, this update has added improved skills, traits, and weapons in each profession. If players would like to read the full rundown of what’s to come on June 28, please feel free to check out the official post here.

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