Guild Wars 2 is making news today — not all of it the kind ArenaNet would like.

But in the “good” news category is the game’s newest content drop, the fifth episode of season three of the Living World story, titled Flashpoint. It’s the second-to-last episode of the current season, and tasks Tyria’s heroes with investigating the way-too-friendly Mursaat, Lazarus the Dire.

The long-awaited addition of legendary armor is also included in this update, along with a new legendary weapon: the torch called Flames of War. Why doesn’t anyone ever make Flames of Peace? Also, the price of the Heart of Thorns expansion — essentially the full game — has been permanently discounted to $29.99 for the base game, with higher price tags for the fancier versions.

You can learn more about the update on its splash page or by reading the full patch notes. As for that “other” stuff making the news rounds today … well, you know how to use Google/Reddit.

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  1. im SO!!! disepointed about this story new story chapter ,, thay just piss on gw1 in gw2 more more with,, and new map feels to big and just to much open space of nothing way to much runing and to litel shit to do… and the price on TP about legendery mats is joke,,, prices going sky high!!!!

    • I’m personally not so disappointed. We still need to know many details, and some were indirectly solved in this EP too.
      There’re many possible explaination to what is happening….that said we will see. It’s still way too early to talk about “pissing on GW1” when we miss any kind of insight on why “he” did what he did.

      About the TP prices going up, well…duh XD was pretty obvious.

  2. Awesome update, with an awesome new map. Probably the biggest one since HoT and even then. Also ty for not discussing the leaks. Those deserve a better spotligh than an Imgur album!


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