Guild Wars 2’s Second Expansion, Path of Fire, Is Now Live And Right On Time


ArenaNet has released the second expansion for Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire. New mounts, new specializations, and a new land, await Tyria’s adventurers as they scour the Crystal Desert in search of the rogue god, Balthazar.

If you’re still wondering about buying, check out our initial reveal of the expansion back in early August or some of the more details exposés of the mounts or new elite specializations.

On a broader note, the release of Path of Fire has come just two months following the last of the previous season’s Living Story updates, which have been proceeding apace since ArenaNet President and GW2 Game Director Mike O’Brien vowed to improve the pace of content releases in early 2016.

While many, myself included, were skeptical of what seemed like yet another promise to “lay the foundation” for future development that never seemed to arrive, I have to admit, the last 18 months have been fairly smooth, with releases happening apace — and now, an expansion. The final step in ArenaNet’s redemption will be to see if that pace can continue following Path of Fire’s launch, instead of the long content gap for anything besides raiding that followed Heart of Thorns’ launch.


  1. Played this game for year. same old same old. I hate it. its old ass veterns and college kids living in their dorms. extremely unskilled players and anythign remotely challenging takes hours to complete.

    I played the story of the second expansion and now thats done . I just dont care about the game anymore. Time to focus on somethign other than mmos. if I want to play somethign it need to be a single player and the matches cant take more than 20 misn tops. no moba , i dont want to get stuck wiht team of idiots. GW2 i have had enough . i dont think I was every actually happy playign this game.


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